Friday, May 6, 2011

Kids in treatment, continued...

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Examiner article

As communicated on Dr. Howard Samuel's Website, The Hills, addiction is a medical condition in which the mind and the body are affected. It is a progressive disease and regardless of all negative repercussions, the individual cannot control, maintain, or stop it. As he confirmed in the article, he has been clean for over 26 years.

He talked about parental loss, pain that enabled him to finally stop using, "My father died of a heart attack and his death created so much emotional pain for me, I recognized how short life really is. That pain took me to another level, that I finally saw I didn’t want to die a drug addict, not as a result of drugs. My father’s death really gave me life. At his grave I made a commitment that he wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore, that was my shift 26 years ago."

Dr. Samuels has worked hands on with adults and teens in treatment ever since. He is empathetic to both the family and the addict. Why, because he has been there and now he works to help others find their way through their own manifestation of hell, back to a healthy life. It is now his soul mission.

Do you know anyone who is lost in addiction? If so, find the strength to reach out and connect them with help!

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