Sunday, May 22, 2011

An ability to create, continued...

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Examiner article

John and I have a mutual acquaintance, Connie, who made this connection. I love the network of friends promoting friends. It is great stuff!

As noted in the article, John Cogan is a fellow artist. He creates beautiful paintings reflective of God's creations mostly animals and nature scenes. His credentials include major degrees (PH.D) in the science world although he followed his passion and has worked as an artist for almost 30 years. Pretty cool!

Are you well into a career that you prepared for most of your adult life but you're unhappy with the outcome? If so, make a change. Turn a hobby into a part-time job to feel the waters. Follow your passion to fulfill your inner well just as John did.

Leave me a note and let me know your thoughts!

Photo of John’s piece, Autumns Last Bugle, provided by John Cogan.

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