Thursday, April 28, 2011

Expert advice, continued...

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At first, when I was presented with the challenge of "owning my expertise" I was taken back and struggled with the task. I thought, "How can I be pompous and make such a list?" But, then after thinking about if for awhile, it made me realize that there isn't anything wrong with owning our experience and knowledge. As a matter of fact, it is wrong not to share this earthly wisdom! I am a natural leader. Regardless of where I focus my attention, I gravitate to the top. I am a compassionate person with a big heart and because of this, I can read other people's state of mind really good. This is because I'm comfortable in my own skin and I'm in tune with my company. I am creative, intelligent and a top of the line artist (in most every media I've tried). I am inspirational and I'm a protector of those who surround me. I help people find their way to their best self and for this I am very proud!

Leave me a list of your areas of expertise, who knows, we might be able to help one another!

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