Friday, April 29, 2011

Charlie Sheen needs intense intervention

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My interview with Dr. Howard Samuels was extremely interesting to me. First, I must say, Dr. Howard has made his rounds through the media as he is sought after by mainstream shows such as Good Morning America, Today, CNN and many more and considering this, he took time from his schedule to talk to me, a small town reporter. I was excited and grateful to talk to Dr. Samuels.

If you are like most, me included, you are tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen. But, I was intrigued by the psychic shift and intense pain Dr. Howard discussed in his interview with Piers Morgan relevant to Charlie. This is why I questioned him further. My work in Life Healing Art focuses on the gift of light or silver lining that comes from hardship. I believe suffering pain teaches lessons if you're open to it or ready to accept it and move on to health.

Dr. Samuels deals with this darkness daily in his work. He shared, "There are moments also filled with cases that don’t work, I have hope for everybody. You have to put your seatbelt on to go on the ride, sometimes it takes years and makes your life worth living."

Can you share any painful experiences that taught you in the process of moving forward? Leave a comment.

Click here to visit the Hills Treatment Center (Co-founded by Dr. Howard Samuels).

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