Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shamanic counseling, guided spirit journeys and bodywork, continued...

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I connected with Liza Bancel through Safehouse, where we both volunteer.

Liza briefly talked about her passion and I found it very interesting. She described, “The work I do is different than counseling. While the person talks, I get a mental sense of what their form is missing. We have conversations of growth, aha moments. It’s a conversation about opposites (good and bad) and opening up to a third way, balance. Chaos is one sided if you don’t know how to balance it. Healing comes as a part of growth. The work I offer supports growing together. I do traditional shamanic journeying and I work with stones and meditation.”

Liza made it very clear to me that she is not a social worker. Her credentials include 40 years of study, prayer and group work.

Liza’s foundation to help others developed early, she explained, “During my childhood, my mom suffered from severe depression, and was often not available to help me with life issues or questions. In about third grade, I stumbled onto Ann Landers, and her newspaper column, which gave me enormous help and guidance for many years to come. I learned the meaning of the adage, we think we need a mother most to love us, but actually we need a mother most to teach us."

I feel like I’ve known Liza for years. This is because she is so warm and welcoming. This is her persona!

It is my hope other women will read this and benefit her services!

Do you have a mentor who helped you through tough times like Ann did for Liza? If so, I would love to hear about it. Drop me a not.

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