Friday, March 25, 2011

Questioning your parenting techniques, continued...

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Parenting styles and how affective they are, is debated often. Two parents with completely different techniques (one strict and one who doesn't implement many restrictions) may end up in the same place. Both in a counselor's office with troubled teens or on a positive note, both with successful teens. And, if you are one of these parents, it is likely, regardless of how committed to your son or daughter you've been, you're blaming yourself for the negative result.

Yes, as a parent you are responsible for your child but there comes a point when your child physically matures into a body that is likely to be towering over you. While their physique might be adult-like, their mind hasn't quite caught up! They need your help. Keep challenging them, sharing responsibilities and rewarding them with more privileges as they step up to the task!

And, when they have fallen, it is important not to dwell in guilt. Educate yourself and your teen by navigating through the resources and consequences for unhealthy decisions. It maybe a disappointment and a set back but remember they are learning as they go and you both are human, use your remaining years to mentor and help them move forward into a successful future. Embrace this whole-heartily and enjoy every minute, both good and bad, while you can!

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