Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life Logistics, continued...

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I believe I am more motivated than most. Or, perhaps the unmotivated person lives within me but I continue to push this person out of the way. I believe in Life Healing Art and my creative passion fuels a fire to continue to push forward and share my message. Of course, at times I get burned out. I have waves of motivation, burn out and renewal. Although, I'm confident I control the waves so instead of letting the water knock me off of my feet, I ride the wave and choose when to float when I need time to retreat.

I rested in February, treading lightly while educating myself in the publishing world I am starting to realize. My vacation from the grind of my "to do" list has re-ignited my flame and fueled my drive 10 fold. I'm excited about conquering the media market. I believe I will reach new markets and help people in a larger scale. As I continue to achieve my dream, I'll inform you of my progress, failure and revised game-plan along the way!

What are you working to achieve? Leave a comment and share your story. I would love to hear from you!

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