Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life can change in a heartbeat, continued...

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Examiner article

I believe, if you've been betrayed by a loved one, you understand the pain I'm talking about in this article. It takes your breath away and pulls the floor from beneath your feet. You're stunned and left in disbelief. You're world is shattered in a moment's time. Suddenly, you're taste for food changes, you see in glum shades of grey and you toss and turn in sleepless nights. The disloyalty finds its way under your skin and it is very difficult and timely to find your way to a healing place.

But, it is possible. YOU CAN LIVE ON WITHOUT THIS PERSON'S SUPPORT. After all, at this point, you have to realize it wasn't genuine support; more like back stabbing.

You have to endure bereaving the life YOU THOUGHT you once had. This illusion I discussed in the article. Every part of you wants to erase the event and go back to where you were but you can't because everything has changed!

Reality sucks but you are now wiser and stronger. The bottom line is you will survive!

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