Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heal your winter health, cruise, continued...

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I started cruising after I divorced in the year 2000. I felt it was a relatively safe way to travel for a single mom. When booking excursions through the ship, you go out onto the islands with a guide and in a group. I didn't have to worry about catching cabs or language differences etc.

I used my tax return to treat me and my boys to a cruise a year since. We've been extremely fortunate to explore Mexico and many other Caribbean islands. We've also cruised the West Coast. The most exciting cruise ported out of Hawaii.

I've got a lot of beautiful pictures, we share a lot of awesome memories and we have had a lot of hands on experiences. My boys and I have swam with the sting rays, dolphins & sea lions. We've explored the ocean in submarines, the water on pontoon boats (whale watching), walked through volcano tunnels, rain forests, Mayan ruins and much more.

It is my favorite type of vacation. Our last cruise was in February and, for the first time, I didn't care where we were going or if we even got off of the ship. I was just happy to escape Michigan's cold weather and, what has already been, a challenging year. It was a blessing we were able to get away. I also love the wide variety of food on the ship. The standard dining room and buffets are included in your cruise vacation booking. You can eat 4 course meals and try everything from strawberry soup to lobster. The caliber of food is unbelievably great. Desserts are to die for and, of course, I took the stairs everywhere and worked out each day to try to offset the overeating!

In the aftermath of my latest vacation, I'll be scrimping to save and make ends meet but it was truly worth it. I hope to continue our tradition but, if not, I'll treasure our memories forever. It is my wish everyone can enjoy a cruise during their lifetime.

What is your favorite vacation? Drop me a note and tell me about it!

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