Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling healthier, continued...

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At 5 foot 6 inches tall (maybe a bit shorter if I've shrunk in my old age), today I'm in the mid 170's weight class. I was over 180 pounds when I started my personal training appointments during the on-set of winter. Like I said in the article, my goal was to make it through the holidays and winter without gaining so the fact that I lost weight was a bonus. My newest goal is to work my way back down to the mid 150's. This was the weight where I felt most comfortable and I'm excited to settle back into this familiar place.

I don't have the money to continue training with a trainer but I feel pretty good about continuing what I have learned when I was mentored. It is my goal to workout at the gym 5 days a week and, on the off days, continue to be active at home. As I mentioned in the article, I don't want to diet but I want to take ownership of my choices and health is guiding this venture. At the close of the first quarter, I feel pretty good about my health improvement so far this year.

What are you doing to improve your health? Drop me a note and share your story!

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