Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheap thrill, continued...

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Okay, for me, when my budget allows me to, I escape the mundane and horrors of everyday life with a jaunt to a local casino. Of course, if you're not disciplined, this CHEAP thrill, can turn into an EXPENSIVE terror. I can hold my head high and say, I'm disciplined. My budget enables me to happily participate with those who gamble on the penny machine. Boy how things have changed in the past few years. There was once a time when I rushed past the pennies on my way to the dollars but today, I still have just as much fun regardless of the commodity I'm playing! This is low stake fun that I adore; mindless gambling where I await a bonus or musical wins!

Of course, this is very materialistic. The list I composed for the article is more authentic. It encompasses nature and the melody's of life's goods that lift our spirits in times of need. I love how ordinary things can change your mood like, for me, hearing the fizz sound when I first open a Coke.

What does it for you? Brighten my day by leaving a comment with a cheap thrill that you embrace (keep it clean)!

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