Thursday, February 3, 2011

To surrender somebody or something treacherously, continued...

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I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who hasn't felt the wrath of betrayal. I truly believe it is the worst pain. Why, because it is an intentional act of distrust by a dear friend or family member. I've been betrayed many times in my life. It is like a shape-shifting negative plasma that manifests in new ways. I've been betrayed by friends and family in my home life and by trusted work associates in my career. Each and every time, I want to kick myself for giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. My soul seems to take a hit, heal and then take another blow in a whole new way.

I must admit though, I am genuinely putting myself back out there as I stand back up after each near fatal kick. I take the situation apart, reliving the highlights, to analyze what went wrong. It is important for me to learn and grow from the heartache. I also, where possible, remove myself from the likes of the person and/or environment that treated me like a door matt; working to forgive but never forgetting. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but it is part of life. It teaches us to better read character, to see beyond the surface and to follow our initial instincts.

I'm a far better and more educated person because of it. What have you learned from the act of betrayal? Leave me a note.

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