Saturday, February 5, 2011

Myth bust the idea that worrying serves a purpose, continued...

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Yes, I am a worrier. I acknowledge this and I continuously work to overcome this horrible habit. My Dad worried all of the time. I think I was about the only child in elementary school who was afraid to ask a friend over for fear that they might get hurt and we would get sued. Yes, my dad thought we would get sued for anything and everything and he vocalized it often.

It amazes me how creative my mind is when it comes to thinking about things that can go wrong at pivotal moments in my life. I am a spiritual person but some how these thoughts still find there way into my psyche. I try to visualize me tangibly putting these "pockets of worries" into a box and handing it to God. I close my eyes and I meditate to clear my mind and gift me with real clarity; a clearing of those imaginary threats.

The bottom line is, worrying has many unhealthy affects on our bodies so we must address it like any other bad habit. Identify it, acknowledge it when it surfaces and free ourself from its negativity.

How do you balance your life and stay positive? I would love to hear any helpful suggestions. Drop me a note!

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