Friday, February 11, 2011

Love of your life, continued...

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After my divorce I decided to take a necessary 1 year break from men. I knew I needed the time to clear my head, heal and focus on a future that prioritized my 2 little boys and our well-being. I needed to make sure I was happy with myself so I was healthy for my future partner. Many people don't understand the importance of this. If you can't find happiness on your own, how can you expect others to do it for you? After the year was finished I sat down with my kids and asked them, "What do we want in the man that I bring into our lives?"

Of course, I started with, "He has to like kids, preferably having some himself, of which he needed to have fought for custody of them during his divorce." This would affirm that family was important to him. Yes, I wanted someone who has been divorced. Someone who had been there and done that. It was necessary because I had no interest in walking down the isle again (at least not in the next 15 plus years).

My youngest said, "He has to like animals." While the oldest said, "He needs to like to cruise like we do!" Between the 3 of us we came up with 10 critical mandates about the man I was manifesting. We completed the list in November and by February this wonderful person came into my life. He met all of our criteria plus much, much more. We are so lucky and grateful.

We're still together today, several years later, and it only gets better with each year. I believe the only reason the universe gifted me with such a wonderful soul-mate was because I made sure I was ready. I could have easily bounced into the next relationship and bandaged my wounds with someone else but this would only have pro-longed my pain. The year break was critical for me to learn to love myself, without regrets, and hold my head high while I found my way to independence.

How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, work to quiet the hurtful static. Embrace positive feeling and move forward with love. Once you're sincerely able to do this, your true love will find you!

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