Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life altering cross roads, continued...

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I have made many decisions in my life that jaunted my path; some caused a lot more work for me and other decisions offered short cuts to my success. One thing I must admit though (and I'm not sure why) is that I have always owned my decisions, good or bad.

If my dad asked me as a teen, "Did you drink last night?" And, if I had, I would say, "Yes!" Even though I knew I would suffer the consequences I chose to tell the truth and own my bad decision. On the same note, as an adult, and in a management role, I had no problem taking risk and owning it rather if it paid off or not. What I found is that my risk (when directing my energy towards the good and it felt right in my core) had and continues to pay off.

I have met my genuine self. She was buried beneath a bunch of layers built to protect myself from more pain and hardship. Once I found my way to my center and opened my heart again to life, I started manifesting my life dreams. I'm in a good place now and it is only getting better each day!

Tell me about your cross road decisions. Has your life changed for the better?

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