Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enticing tastes, continued...

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I have been blessed with a life that has gifted me with many adventures of travel. I, along with my 2 boys (from their early years) are avid cruisers. We've explored many cultures and, ultimately, journeyed through all kinds of food. My kids started cruising with me at the young ages of 4 and 5. Now, in their teens, many of these adventures have blended together in the young minds.

Although, I've noticed, they remember things they've tasted through our travels. Most of the time we were hands on in our island jaunts; swimming with ocean creatures, exploring volcano tubes, hiking ruins and rain forests. We've had a blast. On one particular southern Caribbean vacation we went on a tour called the Tastes and colors of Antigua. It was one of our best excursions. We tried baked goods, banana ketchup, island drinks and all kinds of treats. It really does stick out from all of our adventures. We learned a lot on that trip while allowing our tastes to educate us.

I highly recommend stepping outside the box in this area of your life. Taste test away, it is a gift like no other. Leave me some of your thoughts about trying new foods, I'm interested!

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