Monday, February 28, 2011

A pivotal point in my life, continued...

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I connected with Caryn Fitzgerald through a report connection call out she posted for inspirational stories. She works daily to embrace positivity and to offer inspiration through her blog, website and life coaching focus. I believe our paths have overlapped with intention as our purpose is very similar. My focus is also to inspire and help others struggling with the demons of every day life.

In the short time we've interfaced, I have virtually felt the kindness of her heart. Her words are sincere and warm. She has triumphed through much hardship and because of her battles, she is a much more compassionate and wise person. Caryn could have withdrawn from the world but instead she has opened herself by reaching out to others. She makes each decision taking ownership of her direction and opting to take the higher and most positive path. I'm grateful for our connection and I applaud her work and effort! Visit her website and blog links above and get to know her!

Do you have a story of inspiration to share? If so, drop me or Caryn a note, we would love to hear from you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

An awakening, continued...

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My awakening basically kicked me in the butt in 2008. After much upheaval, I retreated within to heal and find myself. My writing and art helped me to align and balance. I'm still in transition as I'm sure this is a life-long learning process. I'm a curious student who loves nature and the concept of the universal whole. Each day I better define my role to serve in some way. This ultimate service is soul work which shapes my livelihood. It continuos to elevate me to new levels.

It is a natural high!

What are your thoughts on spiritual awakening? Share them with me!

Degrees of sadness, continued...

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Through the ups and downs of my life, I have suffered through the depths of sorrow. Each challenge seems to drive me further down than the last. Perhaps it is my faith and spiritual belief, because I keep pushing through it. I choose life each and every day. I choose it because I love myself, my kids, my boyfriend, family and friends. I want to reach to others and help make the world better.

My heart breaks when I think about the staggering statistics identified in the article. The world's number 1 disability is depression. Many people write this off but it is extremely serious; life or death critical! Two years ago I sat through a presentation called, Living Through Personal Crisis by Doctor Ann Sterns. She did a wonderful job driving home the seriousness, medically, during her presentation. Many people, who discount illness, feel a person just needs more socialization or a job to keep them busy etc., but the fact is they need medicine and guidance to get through it.

Click here If you or anyone you know has withdrawn from life, feels fatigued and sad with loss of hope and/or abusive to oneself, please seek help. Support your friend and help them seek professional direction.

If you have any thoughts to share, please leave me a note. I want to hear them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enticing tastes, continued...

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I have been blessed with a life that has gifted me with many adventures of travel. I, along with my 2 boys (from their early years) are avid cruisers. We've explored many cultures and, ultimately, journeyed through all kinds of food. My kids started cruising with me at the young ages of 4 and 5. Now, in their teens, many of these adventures have blended together in the young minds.

Although, I've noticed, they remember things they've tasted through our travels. Most of the time we were hands on in our island jaunts; swimming with ocean creatures, exploring volcano tubes, hiking ruins and rain forests. We've had a blast. On one particular southern Caribbean vacation we went on a tour called the Tastes and colors of Antigua. It was one of our best excursions. We tried baked goods, banana ketchup, island drinks and all kinds of treats. It really does stick out from all of our adventures. We learned a lot on that trip while allowing our tastes to educate us.

I highly recommend stepping outside the box in this area of your life. Taste test away, it is a gift like no other. Leave me some of your thoughts about trying new foods, I'm interested!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life altering cross roads, continued...

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I have made many decisions in my life that jaunted my path; some caused a lot more work for me and other decisions offered short cuts to my success. One thing I must admit though (and I'm not sure why) is that I have always owned my decisions, good or bad.

If my dad asked me as a teen, "Did you drink last night?" And, if I had, I would say, "Yes!" Even though I knew I would suffer the consequences I chose to tell the truth and own my bad decision. On the same note, as an adult, and in a management role, I had no problem taking risk and owning it rather if it paid off or not. What I found is that my risk (when directing my energy towards the good and it felt right in my core) had and continues to pay off.

I have met my genuine self. She was buried beneath a bunch of layers built to protect myself from more pain and hardship. Once I found my way to my center and opened my heart again to life, I started manifesting my life dreams. I'm in a good place now and it is only getting better each day!

Tell me about your cross road decisions. Has your life changed for the better?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love never dies, continued...

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My heart aches for those whose significant others have passed. To figure out how to cope through life without them is an unbearable thought. We are so lucky to be surrounded by our loved ones. To have someone physically in your life and a love for them in your heart is the greatest gift. It is a gift that should be celebrated everyday but especially on Valentine's Day!

It is less about the money you spend and more about the everlasting warmth that lives within your heart when you think of someone whom you adore. Whether they still live in this physical world or not, they impression continues on in your heart. This is truly magical to me.

Are you appreciating your loved ones? How did you spend Valentine day? Drop me a note and share your story!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An informal and loving club you hope to never belong, continued...

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Mary never expected that her commitment to support her aunt would open up new friendships and give her a new perspective on her own life. As she sits with her aunt and the others going through dialysis (for several hours) 3 days a week, she learns about their lives. If they want to live, they have to go through this process and they realize it.

Mary told me that she has been relieved of the responsibility of having to drive her aunt effective next week. She said she is happy about aunt's independence but sad that she will not be a part of these people's lives any longer. She'll miss the strangers she sat with all of this time while supporting her aunt.

It is obvious this unexpected connection has changed, for the good, how she looks at and values her life.

Have you made connections in unexpected places? If so, tell me about it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love of your life, continued...

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After my divorce I decided to take a necessary 1 year break from men. I knew I needed the time to clear my head, heal and focus on a future that prioritized my 2 little boys and our well-being. I needed to make sure I was happy with myself so I was healthy for my future partner. Many people don't understand the importance of this. If you can't find happiness on your own, how can you expect others to do it for you? After the year was finished I sat down with my kids and asked them, "What do we want in the man that I bring into our lives?"

Of course, I started with, "He has to like kids, preferably having some himself, of which he needed to have fought for custody of them during his divorce." This would affirm that family was important to him. Yes, I wanted someone who has been divorced. Someone who had been there and done that. It was necessary because I had no interest in walking down the isle again (at least not in the next 15 plus years).

My youngest said, "He has to like animals." While the oldest said, "He needs to like to cruise like we do!" Between the 3 of us we came up with 10 critical mandates about the man I was manifesting. We completed the list in November and by February this wonderful person came into my life. He met all of our criteria plus much, much more. We are so lucky and grateful.

We're still together today, several years later, and it only gets better with each year. I believe the only reason the universe gifted me with such a wonderful soul-mate was because I made sure I was ready. I could have easily bounced into the next relationship and bandaged my wounds with someone else but this would only have pro-longed my pain. The year break was critical for me to learn to love myself, without regrets, and hold my head high while I found my way to independence.

How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, work to quiet the hurtful static. Embrace positive feeling and move forward with love. Once you're sincerely able to do this, your true love will find you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Triangular connection, continued...

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This past year I started visualizing a triangle that connected me with another person (whom I felt uneasy about) and then I connected the top point of the triangle to God. I visualize this pure and flowing link to help me embrace differences. I learned along time ago that most of the time the nasty voice in my head is unhealthy to both me and others. I'm also learning how to shut it off or at least categorize it as background static.

The technique which I call Triangular Connection came to me during meditation. I always pray to embrace life in the purest way and, I believe, this process allows me to be more open in doing so. It is unique but it seems to work for me.

Give it a shot and/or leave me a note and let me know if it worked or what works for you! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teen drug use, continued...

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Wow, the research and validation on teen marijuana use has been an eye opener for me. I’m not talking about trouble making kids or kids that are failing classes, these are easy signs of probable marijuana use. I almost feel like it is a white-collar crime when you realize that honor roll students, kids held in high regard by the school and public in general, are embracing this illegal narcotic also.

Their nonchalant attitude about the topic in general is pretty scary. They believe they have the right to use marijuana, and because of this, these teens don’t think twice about the legal ramifications to them or their parents for their negligence if caught. Why, because they feel they are “in control” of the situation and they can’t fathom ever getting caught. But, as we know as adults, what goes up must come down and this type of negative activity will eventually catch up with you. THANK GOD!

Whether you have used marijuana before in the past or you believe it should be legalized, the bottom line is, it isn’t. If you’re using regardless of your age, you are risking your livelihood and the livelihood of those around you. Clear the fog out of your head and be respectful of your body, reach out for help!

What are your thoughts on teen marijuana use? Leave me a comment.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Myth bust the idea that worrying serves a purpose, continued...

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Yes, I am a worrier. I acknowledge this and I continuously work to overcome this horrible habit. My Dad worried all of the time. I think I was about the only child in elementary school who was afraid to ask a friend over for fear that they might get hurt and we would get sued. Yes, my dad thought we would get sued for anything and everything and he vocalized it often.

It amazes me how creative my mind is when it comes to thinking about things that can go wrong at pivotal moments in my life. I am a spiritual person but some how these thoughts still find there way into my psyche. I try to visualize me tangibly putting these "pockets of worries" into a box and handing it to God. I close my eyes and I meditate to clear my mind and gift me with real clarity; a clearing of those imaginary threats.

The bottom line is, worrying has many unhealthy affects on our bodies so we must address it like any other bad habit. Identify it, acknowledge it when it surfaces and free ourself from its negativity.

How do you balance your life and stay positive? I would love to hear any helpful suggestions. Drop me a note!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To surrender somebody or something treacherously, continued...

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I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who hasn't felt the wrath of betrayal. I truly believe it is the worst pain. Why, because it is an intentional act of distrust by a dear friend or family member. I've been betrayed many times in my life. It is like a shape-shifting negative plasma that manifests in new ways. I've been betrayed by friends and family in my home life and by trusted work associates in my career. Each and every time, I want to kick myself for giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. My soul seems to take a hit, heal and then take another blow in a whole new way.

I must admit though, I am genuinely putting myself back out there as I stand back up after each near fatal kick. I take the situation apart, reliving the highlights, to analyze what went wrong. It is important for me to learn and grow from the heartache. I also, where possible, remove myself from the likes of the person and/or environment that treated me like a door matt; working to forgive but never forgetting. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but it is part of life. It teaches us to better read character, to see beyond the surface and to follow our initial instincts.

I'm a far better and more educated person because of it. What have you learned from the act of betrayal? Leave me a note.