Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Voices of UC (Ulcerative Colitis), continued...

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I do not believe it was a coincident that the people involved with The Voices of UC (Ulcerative Colitis) stumbled upon my Healthy Living column. I am honored to share Michele's story and their work. You see, I too have suffered from UC for most of my life. I was diagnosed as a teenager. Add this to a stressful work environment as I became an adult and it amazes me that I am alive today. I can really relate to Michele's story. Fortunately I haven't reached the severity of Michele's disease although I'm happy to find out there is alternative medicine available which gifted Michele her life back.

Today, my UC is not active although I know it can come back anytime! Thank goodness for people like Michele and the Voices of UC campaign, they really do give me and many others living with UC hope!

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The Judge family photo was provided by Michele Judge

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