Monday, January 10, 2011

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It feels like many years have passed since I sat down with Louella and I listened attentively in awe while she talked about her life. It is hard to believe it has been only just over 1 year. To her, a southern modest woman, she was no different than anyone else. She is very humble. But, in reality, she has been super human considering the courage and strength she has embraced to overcome her loss and battle with cancer over 40 plus years. And, I have never even heard her complain!

Louella has been like a grandmother to me and to my kids. I really didn't get to have a special relationship with either of my parents' parents. My father's mom and dad passed when I was young and my mother's parents were not local. They passed in my early adult years. My relationship with Louella instilled values I hope I can pass onto my boys' kids someday when they have them.

I am disheartened to think of my life without her, I can't even imagine how her family feels. Although, in Louella's way, I must be selfless and wish her an urgent end to her suffering so she can embrace the spiritual life she earned and now so rightly deserves!

Are you bereaving the loss of someone who is or has passed through hospice? To be in the side-lines of this is life altering. Leave me a note or send me a personal email so we can support each other!

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