Friday, January 21, 2011

Powers of perception, continued...

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It really is about how you look at the world. You can walk around miserable or in a daze or you can make a choice to try to keep your spirit and those around you uplifted. Why suffer the negativity of conflict. Once you give into it, you'll draw more and more of it into your life and suddenly you'll find yourself walking around under a rain cloud. It is unhealthy and exhausting.

I've been there before and it takes more work to be angry or unhappy in general than to be upbeat. You really can find magic in the smallest of things if you're looking for it. Today, while at my sisters and talking about my unsuccessful attempts for acceptance thus far in the literary agent world (I'm not giving up), I watched several long haired kittens play outside on her deck. They were full of life and it was really blissful to take in their cuteness! This simple little thing made my day.

Find wonder in your world and then tell me about it. Sharing makes it even more special!

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