Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philosophical layers mark your spirit, continued...

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I'm a bit down this week and when I feel this way it seems to manifest in deeper topics for my articles like this one. I'm white gloving my home and when this activity is in your face day after day (we have three levels to our home including the partially finished basement) it is exhausting and miserable. Why do I do this, because it forces me, twice a year, with each of my boys birthdays (winter and summer) to do more than the surface cleaning. I take down curtains, shampoo carpets and unload any of the extra, and unnecessary, stuff that accumulated along the way. Afterwards I feel extremely great. Physically and mentally. Because it is so boring to me during the process my mind wanders into the my philosophical layers and goes into the places that bother me.

Guess what, if something from the past is still bothering me, it is blocking me from moving forward. As usual, I'm taking my own advice to really dig deep and let go. 2011 is the right time to be fully present. I really need to make sure any of my past misery is put to rest so I'm able to give 100% to my future!

What are you doing to create a future worth living? Share your thoughts with me!

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