Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fear of rejection, continued...

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I feel like I’m an official expert in the area of rejection. I think I could wall paper a very large room with all of the emails and letters I receive on a daily basis.

It is never easy to take. Whether I’m applying for a creative job somewhere, reaching out through my business or trying to obtain a literary agent, the rejection letters seem to virtually kick me when I’m down.

Today, I am saying, “To hell with all of them!”

And, guess what? I pushing forward with more energy then I’ve had in the past. I still believe in my passion and I will get to those in the world that feel the same way!

What are you writing off in 2011? Yell out to hell with whatever is kicking you when you’re down, if feels pretty good.

Then drop me a note and share!

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