Friday, January 14, 2011

Beyond the physical, continued...

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This week is ending emotionally for me. Tonight I went to the funeral home to honor my friend and tomorrow I celebrate with my family and friends my son's 16th birthday party. I bounce in and out of the reality of life and death. It seems to be in my face where ever I turn and I must say, I feel worn out; physically and mentally exhausted.

Tomorrow once the party is over, I will find my way under my covers to fall into a deep and healing sleep. I will spend the next few days focusing on getting my energy back. Prayer and mediation will be key to my renewal. Soothing tea, light foods and exercise like yoga will aid in my recovery. I'll work to let go of my sorrow and accept the world as it is now, this week. All of this will create a foundation that moves me forward again!

The world continues to turn, the universe takes and gives as the cycle continues...

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