Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Solitude, continued...

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It is really crazy how winter can take its toll on a sane person. Take away light and warmth and your freedom to move about freely due to bad weather and suddenly the mindset weakens. Our bodies are geared to beef up during these months in survival mode, which doesn't help either.

I always work hard to take my own advice since I'm writing about my feelings. I think, what would I tell my girlfriend if she were going through this right now. It seems we're all more attentive to our girlfriends than ourselves (which is a whole other article). But, I find my best advice for the ones I love and it is the foundation of my words I share several times a week.

Leave me a comment or email me with your thoughts about coping through winter. Who knows, you might like winter more than the others seasons and you can offer a whole new outlook!

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