Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The spirit of Christmas, continued...

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This morning I woke up and looked outside to see the first real snowfall of the year. My first reaction was to flinch, withdraw and mumble unkind words under my breath. Later as the crisp air entered my lungs and it grabbed a hold of me and woke me up, I looked a little closer at the large flakes coming down. They were actually really pretty. I felt like I was part of a large scenic snow globe. Looking at it in this child-like way instilled awe in me. I became amused and amazed by the gift given to me on the first day of December.

It is really amazing how an outlook can shape you. It also affects everyone who surrounds you. I decided today that I will have happy holidays this year regardless of any worries. I choose to boot the old Scrooge out and close the year with joy.

What are you choosing for your holiday season? Leave me a comment and explain.

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