Friday, December 31, 2010

Footprints, continued...

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When I look back at my life, I have some not so proud steps I took as a teenager. Because of them, I work extremely hard today to make the world a better place. As an adult I'm proud of myself and my actions. I do live my life with intent and purpose. I will start 2011 improving my health and holding onto this mission as long as possible. Last year I went sugar free for 7 months before I totally gave up. I think I made up for the sugar in the last 5 months of the year so it seems that my strategy didn't really work:(

This year I want to be really aware of what goes into my body and how it impacts me. I'm logging my foods and keeping an eye on my calories. I'm hopeful I can achieve a balanced healthy regime without depriving myself totally of sweets. I plan to increase my exercise by adding the steps Dr. Oz recommends. I can walk, I know this for sure so let's see how my 10,000 steps per day work out!

What is your plan for the New Year? Leave me a note about it!

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