Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anger, eroding your health during the winter, continued...

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Winter is beautiful went you're looking at it through the window of a warm and cozy home unfortunately most of us don't have the luxury of staying in for 3 months or escaping to somewhere warm until it's over. I must say that I enjoy one snow covered day per year and this is Christmas morning otherwise, I'm white-knuckling my way through the icy roads here in Michigan.

I, like many in Michigan and the US for that matter, am struggling to make ends meet. I juggle minimum income with, what seems to be, maximum output. I am extremely anxious each Christmas wondering if I'll be able to gift kindly and find my way through the bills incurred as a result. Each year as I move into the next I'm thinking, "Boy, that was a close one but we made it!"

It is so easy to get caught up in our own world of fear and to let this drive our feelings. I have to make sure I'm taking moments out of my own quiet melt-downs to recharge and find my faith. As much as I hate to exercise, when I'm done, it really does re-align my mind, body and spirit. As I talked about in the article, light is physically healthy for us. We associate it with good and it does help lift the spirit.

Have you ever had a friend who is Debbie Downer (the Saturday Night Live character). All they do is complain. It is draining and it will eventually put you in a similar mood. This is why I recommend spending as much time with others who work to stay positive. It really does make a difference.

How do you overcome the winter blues? Share with me, I would love to know!

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