Friday, November 5, 2010

You don't believe, continued...

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I often refer to myself as "hokey poky" because I believe in ghost, UFOs, psychics, heaven and hell, dream interpretation, and many other intangible and mysterious happenings. This doesn't mean I believe ever person who steps forward with a ghost video or every psychic who sells their service is real. Realistically there are probably more hoax's than real occurrences or fakes than authentic intuitive people. I love how Ghost Hunters go to "debunk" the activity first and if they catch their own evidence and after they've ruled out man-made interference, they rule it as "paranormal".

I do think that this mind-set carries over into flexibility in other areas of your life. Of course, you can still be open-minded and not believe in ghost but I think this case is an exception to the norm. It is interesting how your view/opinion can create havoc or promote flow. It is a great rule of thumb to start open-minded in every situation, look at the facts unbiased and then make your decision.

Are you open-minded? What are your thoughts about how this plays into your life?

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