Friday, November 12, 2010

The power that elevates, continued...

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The power that elevates, many christians would start by giving God credit as the foundation of this. I believe he is the underlying source that fuels sincere power. Of course, individuals come to mind who have come to the forefront through dark power such as Hitler but this isn't the type of power my article is focused on. It is about striving for and succeeding through hard work and with purpose. Many times this means going against the current and overcoming hardship during the early years. Most people do not even attempt their dreams because of their fear associated with such hardship. It takes a lot of courage and persistence to keep pushing through!

People like Oprah have remarkable spirits, it is evident in their work.

I believe I have a remarkable spirit also and I am working to enable it to soar! I'm living each day with purpose and I'm fighting the change one obstacle at a time. I have faith that I'll get there. I'll never be Oprah, there is only room enough for 1 in this world and I'm just fine with that:) It is my dream to help as many as possible by inspiring and soothing souls with my art and words.

What is your purpose? Tell me about it, I really want to know.

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