Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disappointed with politics, continued...

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I must admit that I wasn't very thrilled to jump out of bed yesterday and rush to the poll to vote. First of all the commercials that bombarded me on a daily basis caused me to run the other way. I was not motivated by the negative attacks that came forward. You see I usually vote for the person meaning I have been known to vote right left or in between (not really loyal to a party). I wasn't totally impressed with either candidate in our local Michigan election although I really am grateful for my right to vote. I don't mean this as an insult to these men who fought for the Governor's spot but I feel strongly about the horrid condition of the economy here in Michigan and because of this I was praying for an extraordinary person to step forward. I did do some research and I voted for the best person considering everything. I'm hopeful they will surprise me as their passion is fueled by our challenge!

As I stepped forward to cast my vote I thought of the women who were jailed as they stood strong and fought for the right to vote. It was their spirits I felt yesterday and that motivated me to get out of bed and fit voting into my day!

How do you feel about our voting process and/or about your political outcome?

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