Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top ten stress relievers, continued

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This is the 2ND article I've posted listing ten stress relievers. They, of course, overlap. When I was busy in the corporate world I blew off lists like the one in my article today. I didn't allow myself the time to step out of my multi-tasked lifestyle. Of course, in this lifestyle I was extremely unhealthy; migraines, stomach issues, reflux etc. Today, I still take medicine for reflux but the headaches and stomach issues come very seldom now as apposed to weekly/daily previously.

I credit this to my curiosity for tapping into a universal peace and comfort that gifts me with grounding and balance. I've always believed in prayer but it offers so much more when I intertwine it with meditation. I also get so much more out of my exercise when I practice a short yoga session after a 30 minute run. Utilizing and interchanging all of these tools help me to find gratitude for my body (mind, body & spirit) in its current condition!

Can you leave a comment explaining how you achieve inner peace and balance in your life? I love to explore new ideas!

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