Saturday, October 30, 2010

The loss of our daughter, continued...

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It is heart breaking to read about the loss of a child. But it is so empowering to see someone survive such a loss and find purpose in its aftermath.

Lydia shared, “I truly believe that things happen to us on LIFE, because we're supposed to (GOD wants us to) do something with it. I think I've finally found my purpose in life. My mission is to raise awareness about both Asthma and organ donation. Here is the RIBBON that w/ the HELP of my Family & Friends on FB, I was able to have created & added to the "RIBBONS" page on FB. And, it's the 1st one of it's kind (ASTHMA) on FB, one of the largest Social NETWORKING site around. How cool is that?”

What have you survived that has gifted you with the strength to move forward and persevere by helping others? What is your mission? Share your story with me and my readers!

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