Friday, October 29, 2010

An act with required recognition feeds the ego, continued...

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Examiner article

This article has really caused me to look closely at my volunteer work and charitable giving. I do look for recognition and this in itself helps to motivate me to continue to give. At the same time though, I have gifted anonymously in the past and I do still feel joy from this type of giving. I think if I had more to money to give I would do more of the random acts of kindness anonymously. It is pretty cool to leave this mysterious karmic gift to someone and then run for the hills; things like paying for the order behind you in the drive through or another tables bill when your dining out.

Do you think your just feeding the ego when you wait for the clerk to look before you put the tip in the jar or is this still giving from the heart? Drop me a note and leave your thoughts. I'm interested in what you have to say!

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