Friday, September 24, 2010

The virtual door of opportunities, continued...

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Examiner article

With my purchasing background I've been someone who has used the Internet as a tool for sourcing for a very long time. But, on the social side, I had no clue what a blog was or the in's and out's of Facebook just 2 years ago. And, today I've got a couple of thousand friends and a blog that people actually read! I'm so grateful and I'm still in awe!

I'm really curious what you utilize the Internet for most. I've got my web business Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC and I'm active with my Examiner and Open To Hope columns and Facebook page but otherwise I use it for research, education and marketing. Of course, I can't forget my wasted but fun time playing Bejeweled. It is a time I like to allocate for useless activity:)

How has the Internet changed your daily endeavors? What sites are you active on (please no adult site links) Drop me a note!

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