Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A primal tool that can save you from most any crisis, continued...

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I took my son to the hospital for lung testing this month and we met an interesting pulmonary specialist during our visit. I wish I could share his name but I don't have it. He discussed thoroughly the benefits of breathing properly which causes the full use of the diaphragm. He spent his precious time teaching us the proper way and telling us the importance of practicing only a few minutes a day. In his words, "Before you know it, you'll be doing it correctly without thinking twice about it!"

I started following a basic 1/2 yoga CD daily which also practices a breathing technique. I've intertwined the 2 and, to my surprise, I'm beginning to see the shape of a 2 pack forming just under my ribs at the top of my stomach. Now, keep in mind, I'm not in shape and below the 2 pack hangs a very under-toned stomach so it looks a bit funny now. But, I feel like I'm starting to get in shape from the inside out which is really a different approach. It is helping to motivate me!

Can you offer any unique techniques to exercise? Share with me!

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