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The physical and spiritual side of dying, continued...

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It is interesting to learn about Janice Ervin’s religious beliefs considering her extensive experience with death and her study of different religions, science and philosophies.

She shared several points on this subject.

•“There are countless etheric planes to accommodate the limitless levels of spiritual expansion and existence.
•Existence may appear random; however universal laws exist as a form of governance.
•The physical body, the mind, the emotional center and the spirit are linked and the effects of one facet flow to, and influence the other facets. So your personal power, your level or ability, parallels with your belief structure. Therefore, the intensity of your belief in your weakness, directly correlates to your lack of personal strength, or your capacity for individual power and action.
•From the moment you take your first steps on a spiritual path, your experience shifts. And as with any shift in awareness, all that surrounds you begins to alter as well. This can include the people in your life, the activities which bring you joy, and your outlook, moment by moment.
•All life is precious and serves a purpose, from the smallest insect to the greatest beast. To harm another is to alter its natural place in the universal mechanism.
•Mental states which do not bring joy, can experience a shift - be overcome - through the constant practice of meditation
•The consciousnesses of those who are discarnate remain connected to those who are incarnate through love.
•The Divine does not inflict pain for the purpose of learning. However man’s poor choices can cause him and others to experience pain.
•The body is a magnificent miracle of a machine; however, it is fragile and as such, subject to the illnesses, circumstances and conditions of this physical plane. It is not intended to last for eternity as there is great beauty and much to experience on other planes. Should it last an eternity, our overall awareness and connection to so much more would be stymied.
•The root of the Divine is a constant state of unconditional love. Love is Divine. Therefore, communication with those whom we love and miss, who are now of a discarnate form, is a natural experience. Unfortunately, superstition, religious dogma through the ages, and fear create walls which hamper and even block this natural process.
•Our thoughts, feelings and actions carry an energetic force and initiate ripples that span outward.
•Checking oneself to see whether the intent of their thoughts, feelings and actions stem from a loving, non-ego state can bring about shifts in personal awareness.
•One state of consciousness is no better than another – to think otherwise, is to implement judgment.
•There IS more to existence than only that which we only perceive through our five senses. Science finds evidence daily to support this statement.
•Existence is never ending.
•We are beings gifted with a choice willing consciousness. The words commonly utilized here are ‘free will’. However our free will choices are only as expansive as our awareness. For example, if you’ve never left your small town, your educational awareness for making choices will differ from a world traveled individual, in effect, hampering the purity of your free will options to a degree.
•We are not puppets living a pre-determined existence, with a greater being pulling the strings for the purpose of our learning and growth. I believe we have the ability to exert choice and control over our destiny. That does not say that there isn’t a level of determinism involved. But that determinism alters constantly, based upon man’s choices.

For example: A person may choose to drive to the store on a road directly into the path of a truck with broken breaks. As the truck is careening down the hill towards that innocent person, that individual may suddenly decide they want to pull into a fast food location to get a coke. They make this choice; pull off the road, and the truck careens past seconds later. The determinism is in the truck’s inability to stop, and therefore will collide with any physical obstacle in its path. The free will choices exacted by humans alters the physical results of the incident.
•Existence on this plane offers limitless opportunities for learning and evolvement of spirit.
•“Everything (DOES NOT) happen for a reason”, except in the broadest language of determinism. However, there is something to be gleaned from every experience, should we choose to search long enough and hard enough to find the wisdom. This belief is not offered flippantly or lightly. I understand that life experiences can be enormously painful…especially in cases involving the physical death of a loved one. But it can be these same situations that place the initiate on a path to a more expansive consciousness.
•Timeless, eternal existence is a reality.
•Through a blend of our free will choice and a strong energetic pull, we alter our state of existence between a discarnate form (out of physical body) and an incarnate form. (in physical body)
•There are unlimited levels of vibrational force on this physical earth plane, from that found in a quark, to a flower, to an animal to a human. On an overall level though, it is my current theory that all contains a modicum of Divine consciousness – a natural, innocent, pure loving force.
•All that exists is derived from one Divine, awakened, source, which increased in its vibrational force, sending forth fractions of it’s energy. Evolvement of that energetic force creates all that we know today. In the ‘all’ I refer not only to the animal and human life, I refer to the plant, mineral and even gaseous elements. I refer to the room, and the oxygen in the air.
•Since the Divine is in all, there are no incorrect paths of existence. Some ‘paths’ are more winding and scenic in nature – others more expedient and direct. Eventually, all lead to a heightened ability to love, greater expansion and personal transformation
•Personal transformations unite individuals in an appreciation for love as the root to forward progression.
•It is possible that if enough individuals undergo personal transformation, a wondrous global shift can occur.”
She continued, “These are only some of what I’ve deduced thus far. However, education is never ending. I am constantly filtering new thoughts and ideas through the meshing of my conclusions to ascertain whether there are flaws in the thought process or flaws in the conclusions I’ve assembled. Thus far, my deductions have held steady.”
As you can see, Janice has very strong views of existence both physically and spiritually. It always amazes me how someone comes full circle in their beliefs and how such beliefs are shaped as one matures. Janice was raised in the Catholic religion although her study and work has evolved her view into a much more sophisticated and open-minded perspective.
How have your beliefs about spirituality changed as you’ve grown. Fill me in on your progression. It is really interesting to me!

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