Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Katrina gave me some valuable perspective, continued...

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Examiner article

I am so amazed when someone changes their life dramatically by following their gut instinct, like Jenny Pavlovic did. I love it when the loop is closed and the person is gifted with true fulfillment by doing so! Jenny persevered through her fears, anxieties any of us would have had. A women traveling by herself to an area that is suffering tremendously after a natural disaster; Hurricane Katrina. Jenny found her way and found a beautiful dog, Kate, in the process. She has cared for and loved Kate back to health. Pretty amazing story!

Jenny is still trying to find Kate's owners. Please take a look at the book cover, read the article linked & watch the video to see if you recognize the dog. I've got my fingers crossed she'll find them!

Do you know anyone who has transitioned their life into a more fulfilling career? If so, please connect them with me if they are willing to share. I really love these stories!

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