Friday, September 17, 2010

Ability without honor is useless, continued...

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I’m not sure many of my coworkers who surrounded me in my 20 years of manufacturing had any idea that I could do more than just draw a stick person. What I didn’t know was the joy I was neglecting myself by retiring my oil pastels for most of my adult life and ignoring my ability.

Today I honor it and regardless if my art career stabilizes or I have to make a living working for someone else, I will continue to honor my creativity. It feels like it has made me whole again. I didn’t really stop and pay attention during my multi-tasking years to my need for more. It is really pretty sad but through forced change that I stressed over, it has come full circle for me. I so believe in the words of Marcus T. Cicero as quoted on Great, “Ability without honor is useless.”

Are you honoring your ability? Tell me about it.


  1. Hello. I really enjoy your blog. I'm glad I came across it. Actually I just moved to Ypsilanti Twp. and I found your book at the library. I recently lost my father, lost my mother four months later, then lost my brother six months later, all in the past year. Your book is a blessing. I write poetry and I'm into photography and it seems as though your book just came to me, like an angel sent it :-) I would love to connect with you, see your art, purchase a copy of your book and maybe even have you to sign it. Thank you for your strength and your inspiration. God Bless You.

    Still trying to heal, Tia.

    Please let me know how I can see more of your art and possible connect with you. I found you on Twitter and followed you.

  2. I've tried e-mailing you but it says your yahoo account doesn't exist. Do you have another public e-mail address?

  3. Tia, I sent you an email to the address you posted. I'm hopeful you rec'd it. You can also email me at Thanks for your note and I would love to connect with you locally! Sincerely, Kathy