Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Organization Whose Mission Is To Stimulate Creative Expression, continued...

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I had a very nice chat with Katherine Wilson during our interview meeting. She is very down to earth, sincere in her endeavors and charismatic. It is really nice to know such a warm person is at the top of the Ann Arbor Women Artist Organization (AAWA)!

I found AAWA on-line the July before last. Since then I've taken a few Internet workshops with them and had a few notices posted in their newsletter. It is my goal to be a bit more actively involved over the next year with this very creative group of individuals.

I like how Katherine described her feelings when she found the group, "I felt like I made it home." It does help to motivate when you can lean on the creative energy and inspiration that is emanating from others.

What organization do you belong to in your community? Share your feelings about it with me and my readers.

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