Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memories of tragedy my guardian angel helped me survive, continued...

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Safehouse Center of Ann Arbor, MI. made the connection between me and Rachel Holmes. I've never met anyone who has overcome so much and who is so positive today. She is on a real mission to make the world a better place by empowering others with her story. I believe only the power of God could protect someone like Rachel and guide them through so much.

Do you know anyone who is coping with sexual assault or in a domestic violent intimate relationship? If so, it might help them to read Rachel's story. Please forward it to them if possible.

The National hot line number for those surviving domestic violence is (800) 799-SAFE (7233). If you know anyone please carefully and quietly encourage them to reach out for help. Everyone deserves loving kindness especially from the ones who are supposed to be protecting them not hurting them.

I can only pray for those struggling in this type of unhealthy environment. May you find your way to safety and may God bless you and protect you along the way!

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