Friday, August 6, 2010

It is best to empower, continued...

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Wow, enabling and empowering, verbs that are very different in their impact on others. I do believe it is okay to step in and help someone who is over their head and I don't consider this enabling; it's a good deed and maybe needed help. But when you have to step in time and time again, guess what, your are now enabling something that isn't healthy. But as I said in the article, it is such a priceless gift to help someone learn how to overcome their challenges with a gentle nudge and loving emotional support; empowerment is extraordinary!

As I look back over the years, I know I have enabled many times in the past. It is easy to do when you love someone and you're caught up in their drama. Logic seems to fall to the side and, if you're a kind person, suddenly you're heart is hurting for them and you're stepping into their mess.

If you want to step in, help them find their way to solve their own dilemma through a shoulder to lean and maybe a little sound advice and education. They may not be so receptive at the time but, guess what, it is time!

How are you empowering others? Share with me, I love to hear your stories.

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