Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is your well running dry, continued...

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Wow, does my well feel drained this week. I'm sure I'm not going to get much sympathy as I'm recovering from a 3 day trip to the Dominican Republic which was supposed to fuel my energy not take away from it. I'm pretty sick this week; I'm sure it was from something I ate or drank while at the resort. When you're physically down, the emotional state follows pretty quickly!

It was a beautiful setting and wonderful to get a little taste of the island but had I known the impact of my get away would have been so dramatic, I would have saved my health. Be careful when you are visiting foreign countries; I basically tried everything to get that hands on experience. Not such a wise choice:(

Otherwise, in my normal life, I feel my work is a daily spiritual renewal for me. I'm very lucky and grateful for each day I'm able to devote time to write and/or bring a blank page to life through a drawing. Pretty amazing and, with each project, I'm in awe with the outcome. Creativity is number one on my list of "things that bring me joy"; Reading, being with family/friends and stepping into nature are all on my list (no particular order).

What are basic or simple things that gift you with joy? Take a moment and share with me and my readers; I always love to hear how others find moments of peace and comfort.

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