Sunday, August 15, 2010

I call hobo a little dog in a cat suit, continued...

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Examiner article

I completely relate with Kevin and his comment about his cat being a dog dressed in a cat suit. My Scruples was the same way. He would fetch, carry socks around and beg just like a dog. Could he have had a dog hanging off his family tree somewhere in the past:)

I love promoting authors like Kevin who work to help other animals in need. He is sharing part of his proceeds with his local animal shelter. Pretty cool!

If you can afford it and you have a child in your life, purchase the book about Hobo and bring a smile to the child and at the same time help a four legged friend!

Click here to purchase his book.
Are you a dog person, cat person or have you been converted to one or the other? Drop me a note and let me know! I love to hear from you.

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