Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adult orphans, continued...

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Examiner article

I first heard the label "Adult Orphan" from Lisa Hein who hosts the Internet radio show Everyday Parenting. It struck me just to hear it termed like this. When I think of an orphan it really pulls at my heart especially since I have children; I just can't imagine any child, without parents. Until I lost my dad, I had no idea of the void I talked about in this article. I am a very independent adult but knowing I can't see him and interface with him in the same way, makes me feel sad and child like in a odd way. I am fortunate to still have my Mom in my life and I truly appreciate the time I have with her. But loss really does touch on vitality. I realize it is part of life but when you live it, the logic of it being "part of life" is hard to embrace.

Are you an adult orphan? If so how have you been able to move forward in life?

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