Saturday, July 10, 2010

You can let time slip away, continued...

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It amazes me how much I used to fit in my busy executive agenda compared to the slow pace I've managed to find in my work place today. I must say my work is more fulfilling today and perhaps because I feel more like I'm in the present moment and I'm enjoying it, the clock seems to move faster. It is a bit unfair, isn't it?

I have learned to expect more quality from myself and my work instead of quantity. It is just a number anyway, right?

I work from many lists; I would be lost without them. I also reward myself when I complete a task that I've been procrastinating. It helps to motivate me to create the reward prior to attempting the task. For example, I might gift myself with a massage after logging and filing a back log of receipts (maybe 1/2 of a year's work). It is boring and tedious but the reward makes it feel much more worth the endeavor!

What do you do to help you get the most from your time?

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