Saturday, July 31, 2010

Loyalty, a feeling of devotion, continued...

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I think loyalty is one of my best traits but it is also one of my faults because I usually sacrifice my well being for far to long before I realize, hey, I'm tired of being the door mat and I need to make a change. It is why I stayed in an unhealthy marriage for far to many years. It is why I stayed in unhealthy jobs for to long and it is why I've had people around me who ended up hurting me because I gave them the benefit of the doubt and shouldn't have. The good news is eventually I wised up and today I have healthy people around me.

Please do not miss-interpret my message. Turmoil arises in all relationships at times and we have to decide to overcome it or move on. You'll do what feels right. This is part of life. And, at times, you'll need to give more than you will receive and this is okay too. Just be sure this cycle balances out in the long run and if it doesn't, cut the string and move on!

What are your feelings regarding loyalty? Have I hit a nerve; share with me!

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