Friday, July 16, 2010

Good parenting, continued...

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I thank God everyday for my boys who are now 14 & 15 years old. Yes, they are teenagers and, at times, I get sarcasm but overall, we have healthy relationships. I'm proud of them and I'm proud of how respectful they are to others. I must have done something right although most of their young lives, I raised them as a single parent and I questioned myself often.

I've learned to pick my battles and to make sure I'm not being a control freak. For example, my youngest doesn't like to have a clean cut hair style. He likes the shaggy unkept look that I think looks horrible. But, because he gets good grades and, for the most part, does what I ask, I let him wear the style he likes.

My boys have been doing chores since they were little and I originally taught them to clean my way but as they have matured, they've found their own way of cleaning. Of course, it isn't a good as mine but as long as they've made a real effort, I thank them for their help and I'm grateful that it is one less thing on my list that I have to do.

I credit my success so far to our honest, loving and loyal relationship, my expectations and the structure I've created and the fact that I treat them with respect. Of course, I thank God but I also realize I have to be grateful for 1 day at a time especially during their teen years.

Do you have any parenting tips you can share? What are your thoughts?

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