Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family can be anyone you love and accept into your circle

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As I interview survivors for my Examiner column and inquire about where they obtained their strength from that enabled them to persevere through such adversity, I receive a common response, "From my family and friends." This circle of love is critical not only to your success but for basic survival. You may be able to accomplish a lot on your own, as an individual, but when hardship sets in, it is necessary to reach out and to lean on others for help.

I believe today normal represents more of a blended or single parent family than the traditional "Leave It To Beaver" white picket fence type. I haven't looked at the stats recently but just within my network, the scale has turned. It really doesn't matter who has what label or if there are 2 parents, it would be great if that were the case but regardless the priority should be about a healthy environment that promotes safety, love, loyalty and honesty. Building a foundation that encompasses these four aspects will enable everyone to be happy and healthy as the individuals they are intended to be!

What are your feelings about family, can you share them with me?

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