Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bob Tarte is a Michigan writer, continued...

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You can tell Bob enjoys nature and its inhabitants based on his description of where he lives, "We live on the edge of a shoe-sucking swamp near the West Michigan village of Lowell. When we're not fending off mosquitoes during temperate months we're chipping ice out of plastic wading pools in the frigid winter."

He truly loves his pets, all 53 of them although Bob noted his cats are the most mischievous! Being a cat lover myself, I can certainly understand this statement. They are little characters. I couldn't imagine having birds and cats as pets; it must keep him pretty busy just making sure the cats aren't sizing up the birds for a snack!

It amazes me how we can mentor, love and teach one another to live together in harmony even when they are predators of each other!

Do you have any pets who are in each other's food chain? If so, share your story with me!

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