Friday, June 4, 2010

Your childhood sets the stage for your life but the success of your adult performance is up to you, continued...

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It is amazing to me when I see adults playing the blame game. I just want to tell them to grow up. Everything can be justified with an excuse, at least in the mind of the beholder!

If you follow my column and my blog you know my childhood was not the best but because of this, I've pushed myself to work hard and fight for a better life for me and my children. I love my parents and I know they did their best! I was loved regardless of my environment and this instilled the values I needed to survive.

I've also worked hard to make sure my spoiled kids understand the values of hard work and money. They do not get everything they want in the moment but I allow them to earn money and save for the big ticket items which I, of course, help them to obtain. I'm also working to teach them how to budget and to recognize the value of community and helping others. It is a tough balance to achieve and I will not really know how successful I am until they are embracing their adult responsibilities. This, of course, means we must survive their teen years!

How have you turned your childhood disappointments into opportunities? Take a moment to share with me!

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